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Aarav Srivastava

The Pixen

Creating content and digital experience for some of the biggest Music Properties in the world

Aarav Srivastava

DJ Aqeel

Management, PR, Content Creation, and Social media for the biggest Bollywood DJ in the world.

Aarav Srivastava

Sunburn Festival

Content creation, influencer management and a lot more.

Social Noon

Social Noon

The creative agency deals with the most interactive and modern ways to engage with the audience.

Hi, I’m Aarav.

I create unique digital experiences and content that communicates clearly to the client. I am a digital designer, content creator, and marketer. I have a media agency called The Pixen and a digital marketing agency called Social Noon.

Creating unique and out of box ideas that can help attain brand messaging for the client.

Understand and recommend a list of digital products that can help in growing their business or products.

Implementing a clear brand strategy and use of tailored tools to run the marketing for a brand.

Aarav Srivastava
— this is Aarav Srivastava.

My name is Aarav, I am an experienced content creator, designer, marketer, and entrepreneur. My work style is modern and idea is to work from the perspective of my clients. I aim to deliver new and innovative products that communicate clearly with my client. I aim to give that something new with the idea of adding value to the client’s business than delivering a product.

2020 – Graduated from USYD

2018 — Director Social Noon

2013 — Director at The Pixen

— services

– Social Media

– Brand Strategy

– Content Creation

– Graphic Design

– Print Design

– Website

– Application

– Illustration

– Packaging Design


– Brand Management

– Cinematography

– Retouching

– Management

Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava
Aarav Srivastava


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aarav srivastava

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aarav srivastava

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